Emily Leishman-Crerar

Emily Leishman-Crerar



Before qualifying, Emily had the opportunity to see how law was practised elsewhere, including in Hong Kong and China. The experience highlighted for her the power of stripping back the superficial from legal practice. She saw first-hand how fancy offices and water views can distract from actual service.

Emily sees a litigator’s job as taking as much of the worry from the client as possible. While a dispute will never be easy, Emily believes it can be easier when you’re able to focus on the problem and not the fripperies around the edges. She likes to take a down-to-earth approach, to break down some of the formal barriers, and to help lawyers remember how gruelling and emotional litigation can be for the clients. Compassion for a client in a tough corner can be as important as strength in fighting for the client’s best interests.

The variety and scope of every new day is what helps Emily come to work sharp-eyed and ready to shift the obstacles preventing clients from getting on with their lives.