Tegan Childs

Tegan Childs



Litigation is personal, and clients need a fearless but thoughtful advocate by their side. Tegan’s friends will tell you she’s always been an outspoken activist for the things she’s passionate about. They’ve never seen her shy away from difficult conversations or uncomfortable truths. Layer a law degree over those qualities, and bring in a client with a problem and you have a lawyer who won’t stop until she’s found a way to be the greatest advocate possible.

Tegan is driven by the urgency and nature of litigation. As a litigator, she knows she’s useful to her clients. She’s not a cog in a wheel of a transactional machine.

Living the proof of a refusal to settle for ordinary, Tegan works remotely from Whistler, Canada. She spends her days as an adventure guide, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and dog sledding. Her evenings are devoted to legal work and getting the best outcomes for clients in Australia. Each of her roles feeds energy into the other; the virtuous circle of a true work-life balance.