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Building and Construction Law

If you’re facing a construction dispute in Australia, it’s crucial to seek professional assistance to resolve the issue as efficiently as possible. Our team of experienced construction dispute resolution experts offers tailored solutions to meet your specific needs and goals. From contract review and negotiation to mediation and arbitration, we provide a range of services to help you navigate the complexities of construction disputes. Contact us today on 1300 286 578 to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you protect your interests.

Practical and commercial legal advice for builders and sub-contractors

Disputes are an everyday part of the building and construction industry. At some point, every builder will face a customer with uninformed expectations or who is withholding payment because of “defects”. Builders also routinely suffer when other builders and sub-contractors pass their financial problems up or down the line.

In a construction dispute, getting legal advice from a specialist in construction law is the best way to protect your interests. And the faster you take legal advice, the more likely it is that you won’t do anything to weaken your position accidentally. (Our clients often call us from site the moment things look serious because they know the difference it can make when they do the right things fast.)

The commercial approach to construction disputes and litigation

It can be tempting to fight the war on every front when you’re on the receiving end of accusations or you’re being treated unreasonably. However, the better choice in construction disputes and litigation is to take assertive action quickly on the points you can win. You’ll win the war faster and with fewer resources if you concentrate on the crucial battles. And the faster the dispute is over, the sooner you can return your attention to the business that matters.

The alternative can be disputes that stretch over months. Those disputes have a bottomless appetite for time and money, consuming the cashflow needed to fund other projects.

When you have swift, practical and commercial advice from specialist construction and building disputes lawyers, you give your business the best chance of an optimal result in the least amount of time.

Specialists in construction disputes and litigation

Construction disputes are a deeply technical form of litigation because of the specific legislation and processes that govern the building industry. In the same way you’d want your broken leg treated by an orthopaedic surgeon, rather than a general practitioner, you want the expertise of a specialist litigator in a construction dispute, to avoid the possibility of tactical errors that can be irreversible later.

You’ll always be in the strongest position if you get legal advice early from a lawyer who knows where the traps are in construction disputes and how to avoid them. Also, bringing in construction litigation specialists sends a clear signal to the other party.

Take control of your dispute

If you’re in a dispute over a construction project or contract, take assertive action now by placing specialist lawyers in your corner. Don’t risk inadvertently losing ground. Increase your chances of quick resolution by getting the right legal advice.

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  • The legal advice provided was precise and response times were swift. The attorneys I interacted with were exceptional in their communication and provided constant reassurance throughout the process.
    Denver N. 16/01/23
  • Practical and cost efficient legal advice and litigation services.
    Steven H. 16/01/23
  • I was recommended Twomey Dispute lawyers by a friend and had the privilege of working with Jessica Daniels and her team. I found Jessica to be extremely knowledgeable and she was able to advise me well every step of the way. She did so with strength and empathy understanding the... read more
    Eleni F. 16/01/23
  • Ben and the team at TDL have not only got great results for our clients but they have taken the stress out of very stressful situations by providing great communication and explaining complex law in real world language that we can all understand. Any time my clients need assistance TDL... read more
    Jason H. 09/01/23
  • Brilliant to work with! Understanding, efficient, unrivalled expertise in their field!!
    Blake H. 23/12/22
  • We've been working with the team for about six months now and overall they are great business to work with. Really down to earth and provide a great personalised service. Highly recommend!
    Steven D. 23/12/22
  • Professional staff that support you through your legal matters from start to end. Highly recommend their services especially for commercial disputes. TDL really are your trusted legal partners. Shoutout to Jessica, Tegan, Ben and Andrea as top legal practitioners and thank you for your support
    Jordan G. 23/07/22
  • We recently had the pleasure of working with the team at Twomey Dispute Lawyers. From our first communication the team were prompt, personable, right on point and able to translate clearly what our position looked like. I would highly recommend speaking to Twomey Lawyers if you are ever in need.
    Wayne K. 23/03/22
  • Ben and the team made a really stressful time as easy as it could be given the circumstances. They were really helpful and took the time to explain things to me properly and we’re honest with me from the start which I really appreciated. Ultimately they got me a great... read more
    Matthew M. 23/01/22
  • They got us the win and did it without putting up with the other side's attempt to ratchet up the costs. Some clients approved our work then refused to pay us. When we filed by ourselves in small claims court, our former clients responded with more legalese than a... read more
    Steven L. 23/01/22
  • Usually a reason to need or seek legal advice is going to be stressful time or unpleasant experience. Ben and his associates at TDL turned that process into the best case scenario for me. If you want a result that’s quick and has a high chance of going your... read more
    Paul C. 23/01/22
  • Never been more impressed with a legal team. Tegan, Ben and the team at Twomey Dispute Lawyers went above and beyond with me and were so knowledgable and always available day and night for any concerns. If you have any employment or discrimination litigation requirements, this is your firm!
    Daniel N. 23/01/22
  • Good friendly service with a goal of achieving positive results, thank you.
    Michael M. 23/01/22
  • Best lawfirm ever contacted. Provided honest opinion on initial enquiry, without charging. And followed the matter and kept in touch even they were not engaged and no fees charged. I will always trust them. Especially Tegan. 10/10
    Taj N. 23/01/22
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Ben on his new office fit out recently and it has been a really easy and enjoyable process. Ben and his team were polite and welcoming throughout the design process and installation. He has created a fun and professional office dynamic throughout... read more
    Deanna S. 23/01/21
  • An honest lawyer with morals and an excellent service and result! You won’t be disappointed and won’t find better!
    Sally H. 20/06/20
  • Very helpful during a time where I required clear advice and quick action. Highly recommend.
    Matt L. 22/04/20
  • Highly recommend! Very knowledgeable and easy to deal with.
    Ange H. 22/04/20
  • Extremely knowledgeable and goes above & beyond for their clients! Highly recommend!
    Candice J. 18/12/19
  • Honest, reliable information from a firm that listens to what a client wants.
    Kate O. 18/12/19
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