Our team of litigators are making waves in the legal industry. From humble beginnings as a solo practitioner in 2019, we’ve expanded to multiple offices across Queensland, driven by our commitment to specialised litigation and a client-focused approach. If you’re ready to join a dynamic team dedicated to delivering top-tier legal advice without the traditional law firm baggage, we’d love to hear from you.

Ever heard of a law firm that doesn’t claim to do things differently? Us, neither. Fortunately, we’re litigators, so we’re not afraid to support our case…

Strategic and specialised expertise

Clients and lawyers must agree we’re doing something differently because Queensland hardly needed another law firm when we started in 2019.

We quickly found lawyers wanted to work at our kind of firm, at least the ones who also believe that a law firm should be a group of talented people with everything they need to do what they do best. That means:

  • Our litigators litigate with the support of a operations and admin team.
  • We don’t expect litigators to moonlight in other areas of law or cross-sell clients to other departments. (We’re a specialist litigation firm; we don’t have other departments.)
  • Our non-lawyers are valued for their ability to find and fix inefficiencies. They’re not expected to spend their days cutting themselves out from under layers of outdated practices.


We’re a good bunch of people here at Twomey. We know you don’t need a suit to be a good lawyer and we come as we are. We like our staff to feel comfortable at work and to celebrate exactly who they are, warts’n’all.



We understand the importance of growth and development in your career – and we are here to back you 100% of the way. Our team is hungry and progressive and will stop at nothing to be the creme de la creme.


Our team’s wellbeing is paramount to a good work environment and good work. That’s why we make the effort to ensure we always have enough humans to deliver top quality work without facing burn-out, stress or long hours.


We embrace our human side at Twomey. We understand the importance of empathy whether that amongst the team or with our clients. We leave egos at the door and make sure our work environment is a happy one.

Pretty damn flexible

We believe happy people do the best work. At the same time, we believe litigation is a team effort, and the teammates need to be in the same room most of the time.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be part-time. It doesn’t mean you can’t work from home on Tuesday morning for the plumber or work from Sydney on Friday because the Thursday flights were best for your weekend away. (We once had a lawyer working from Canada on her five-week ski trip.)

So, we want you to have work-life harmony, but we want to be clear, too. Our team culture is about being together, liking each other and learning from each other. Learning from each other includes getting mentored by more experienced lawyers, which happens because we’re in the office together and all amongst it on every detail of a matter.

As well as being flexible for those one-offs like the plumber, our way of getting everyone’s work and life in harmony (and treating people like grown-ups) includes…

  • Choosing your start and finish times. (Want to get in early so you can pick up the kids from school? No problem. Or you’re not a morning person? We get it.)
  • Making your own public holidays. (Want to work over Easter or Christmas so you can go away outside school holidays? That’s fine with us.)

Do what’s expected of you and be available when you need to be available, and you’ll find we’re wide open. We’re just not big on permanently working from home because we do our best work when we’re working with each other.

Twomey is different to any other law firm I’ve worked at. I feel supported, have the space to grow and learn. We all love what we do, and have the same goal of winning together.


Our office locations


Sound like somewhere you’d enjoy practising law?

If you’re a litigator on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or the Northern Rivers and want to give top-tier advice to happy clients without the layers of law firm rubbish, let’s have a confidential chat.