Building & Construction Law

Building & Construction Law

If you’re facing a construction dispute in Australia, it’s crucial to seek professional assistance to resolve the issue as efficiently as possible. Our team of experienced construction dispute resolution experts offers tailored solutions to meet your specific needs and goals. From contract review and negotiation to mediation and arbitration, we provide a range of services to help you navigate the complexities of construction disputes. Contact us today on 1300 286 578 to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you protect your interests.

Practical and commercial legal advice for builders and sub-contractors

Disputes are an everyday part of the building and construction industry. At some point, every builder will face a customer with uninformed expectations or who is withholding payment because of “defects”. Builders also routinely suffer when other builders and sub-contractors pass their financial problems up or down the line.

In a construction dispute, getting legal advice from a specialist in construction law is the best way to protect your interests. And the faster you take legal advice, the more likely it is that you won’t do anything to weaken your position accidentally. (Our clients often call us from site the moment things look serious because they know the difference it can make when they do the right things fast.)

The commercial approach to construction disputes and litigation

It can be tempting to fight the war on every front when you’re on the receiving end of accusations or you’re being treated unreasonably. However, the better choice in construction disputes and litigation is to take assertive action quickly on the points you can win. You’ll win the war faster and with fewer resources if you concentrate on the crucial battles. And the faster the dispute is over, the sooner you can return your attention to the business that matters.

The alternative can be disputes that stretch over months. Those disputes have a bottomless appetite for time and money, consuming the cashflow needed to fund other projects.

When you have swift, practical and commercial advice from specialist construction and building disputes lawyers, you give your business the best chance of an optimal result in the least amount of time.

Specialists in construction disputes and litigation

Construction disputes are a deeply technical form of litigation because of the specific legislation and processes that govern the building industry. In the same way you’d want your broken leg treated by an orthopaedic surgeon, rather than a general practitioner, you want the expertise of a specialist litigator in a construction dispute, to avoid the possibility of tactical errors that can be irreversible later.

You’ll always be in the strongest position if you get legal advice early from a lawyer who knows where the traps are in construction disputes and how to avoid them. Also, bringing in construction litigation specialists sends a clear signal to the other party.

Take control of your dispute

If you’re in a dispute over a construction project or contract, take assertive action now by placing specialist lawyers in your corner. Don’t risk inadvertently losing ground. Increase your chances of quick resolution by getting the right legal advice.

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