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Are you in a dispute over a property?

Property disputes can be complex and stressful. That’s partly because they almost always involve an asset with significant value. But property disputes are also often stressful because they result from a professional, family or personal relationship breakdown.

If you’re in a dispute over a residential or commercial property, we can help.

Our property law services

Resolving a property dispute as quickly as possible and to your advantage is about more than the law. When an experienced property lawyer takes the time to understand the circumstances and the people involved, the lawyer can suggest tactics that could lead to a faster and better result.

Our experienced lawyers will work closely with you to understand exactly what has happened. Then we’ll advise on the tactics most likely to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Expertise in all types of property disputes

Our expertise covers all types of property disputes and any type of property litigation including:

  • Residential real estate disputes
  • Commercial real estate disputes
  • Leasing disputes
  • Disputes under the Retail Shop Leases Act

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Below, we’ll talk more about some typical situations where property disputes can arise.

Read on to learn more about:

  1. Residential and commercial property disputes
  2. Property disputes involving family

Residential and commercial property disputes

When things go wrong in a real estate transaction, you can find yourself under a lot of pressure because of the amount of money involved.

Some of the situations we’ve seen include:

  • Poor conveyancing, resulting in property ownership not being properly transferred.
  • Deposits lost by a failure to pay the deposit by the date required in the contract.
  • A seller or real estate agent misrepresenting a property (value and rental income), and the buyer purchasing the property based on these representations.
  • The seller of a property concealing termite damage, and a pest and building inspector failing to detect this issue.
  • A commercial tenant not paying rent.

Situations involving property can be complex to resolve without a lawyer. The safest option is to seek advice early. Then you will be in the best position to resolve the dispute.

However far your dispute has gone, the best time to speak to a lawyer is now. We’re here to help you. Please call us for an initial chat on 1300 286 578.

Property disputes involving family and friends

An already complicated matter can be more stressful when family is involved.

Property disputes within families have become more common because of sky-high Australian house prices. High house prices have led to more parents or other family members contributing money to help their relatives to buy a home.

Families and friends are seeing opportunities to develop property together for profit.

When families and friends lend money or go into property development together, it’s because the relationship is good. And because the relationship seems unbreakable, a handshake agreement or a couple of emails seems like enough.

Unfortunately, relationships can break down. A couple gets divorced. A property development goes wrong. And without a formal agreement, disputes arise over the money at stake.

We understand how difficult it can be personally and financially when relationships break down and large amounts of money are at stake. While we can’t fix relationships, getting legal advice early can resolve the dispute as quickly as possible so everyone can move forward.

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Property law and disputes can be complex. We have extensive experience in resolving property disputes and can provide sound legal advice tailored specifically for your situation.

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