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Defamation law provides an avenue for someone to recover compensation for reputational harm suffered through publication of a defamatory statement.

Employment / Workplace Law

Employment and workplace law is a minefield for both employers and employees alike. Seek advice from expert workplace dispute lawyers to ensure you are protected.

Debt Recovery

Strategy is key in taking action to recover debts owing to you. Every matter is different. See an expert debt recovery lawyer to ensure the correct strategy is used to recover your money.

Corporate Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Corporate Insolvency and Bankruptcy are complicated areas of law, however with the right specialist advice and guidance it is possible to navigate your way through troubled waters to safety.

Partnership & Shareholder Disputes

Partnership and Shareholder disputes can be highly emotionally charged and complicated, making it more important than ever to ensure you have a specialist litigation lawyer to represent your interests.


It is important to consult an expert property dispute lawyer when dealing with a dispute over property, before it is too late, and the property is gone.

Building and Construction Law

One of the most litigated and contested areas of law, ensure you have an expert building and construction lawyer on your side.

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