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Your reputation is priceless, especially in a world where relationships begin as Google searches. Defamation law provides an avenue for someone to recover compensation for reputational harm suffered through a defamatory statement.

Employment and workplace law is a minefield for both employers and employees alike. Seek advice from expert workplace dispute lawyers to ensure you are protected.

Is a particular debtor starting to play on your mind? Then it’s time to call a lawyer, because it’s better to get advice at the first sign of trouble than to under-react. Whatever stage you’re at with the debt and the debtor, getting advice will help you to put the right strategy in place for your circumstances.

Corporate Insolvency and Bankruptcy are complicated areas of law, however with the right specialist advice and guidance it is possible to navigate your way through troubled waters to safety.

Shareholder and partnership disputes almost never resolve. Either someone is bought out or the business winds up, and you want to be on better side of that deal for you. That’s why it’s critical to get legal and tactical advice as soon as relationships turn sour. 

Resolving a property dispute as quickly as possible and to your advantage is about more than the law. When an experienced property dispute lawyer takes the time to understand the circumstances and the people involved, the lawyer can suggest tactics that could lead to a faster and better result.

Disputes are an everyday part of the building and construction industry. It can be tempting to fight the war on every front when you’re on the receiving end of accusations or you’re being treated unreasonably. In a construction dispute, getting legal advice from a specialist in construction law is the best way to protect your interests.

Grieving a loss while contesting a will is challenging, especially if it means going against family. That’s why your first step should be to get advice, so you have clarity about your options before speaking out. A lawyer can advise you if the will might be invalid, as well as what claims you might have even if the will is valid.

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