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Commercially focused dispute resolution and litigation

If you’ve instructed solicitors before, you’ll notice there’s something missing from Twomey Dispute Lawyers. Yes, we’re a large team of lawyers working on matters across Australia from Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron Bay. But despite our size (and our being lawyers), you won’t find any woolly advice or rusted-on thinking.

What you will notice is that you get fast, accurate advice which you can use to make commercial decisions. The advice is fast because we’ve set things up so there are no hoops between you and lawyers with answers. And the answers are accurate because our lawyers are all specialists in disputes and litigation.

Also, we can be responsive because we’ve designed the firm to attract top-flight litigators. Litigators want to work here because we take on only disputes. That means our lawyers aren’t expected to upsell estate planning or conveyancing. So with none of that distraction, your lawyer has time to be very, very good at the one thing we do — resolving disputes.

Being very good at resolving disputes with a focus on achieving the most commercial results for our clients is how we’ve grown so fast. In just three years, we’ve grown from a founding lawyer to a partnership with 18 specialist litigators over three East Coast offices (and we’re still growing).

The litigation expertise you need

Like medicine, the law is broken into specialist disciplines. You wouldn’t want your heart surgeon having a red hot go at your knee reconstruction. Similarly, disputes should be handled by specialists.

Litigation is a specialist area of law because disputes are never “just” about the law. Disputes are never only about who’s right and who’s wrong. There’s strategy; there are moves to select and counter moves to anticipate.

Our experienced team of litigators see the whole board. They’ll understand the hidden objectives of both sides in your dispute — the things that aren’t in the paperwork.

Are you staring down the barrel of a dispute that has — or could — turn nasty? If you are, you need lawyers with the nuanced thinking to see 15 moves ahead. You need lawyers with rolled-up sleeves — and the resolve to stare down whatever the other side throws at you.

That’s Twomey Dispute Lawyers.

Getting results fast

Because rapid advice is crucial in a dispute, we’re built for effectiveness and speed.

One way we ensure effectiveness and speed is by making sure we have enough lawyers. Because we don’t stretch our lawyers thin enough to see through, you’re not waiting until a week on Tuesday to hear back from a lawyer who can give you five minutes and half their attention.

Also, you won’t catch our lawyers resting on the fence — “On the one hand this… But on the other hand that…”

We understand you can’t get your bearings from a spinning compass. If you’re in a dispute, you need legal advice. (Especially if the other side is talking to lawyers.)

You need lawyers who can steer a route around or through the problem. That route should be something your lawyer can lay out in plain English. What you don’t need are lawyers who’ll run the meter through a relaxed dissertation on the law. You’ll find we get to the point with robust advice.

Litigators with a commercial focus

Whether your dispute is over a $5,000 unpaid invoice or a multi-million dollar defects claim, you want to talk to a specialist lawyer early. Getting expert advice early in a matter of any scale gives you the best chance of a good result.

That’s true in all commercial disputes, including matters of intellectual property or defamation law, building and construction disputes, property disputes, employment law cases, estate disputes, shareholders’ disputes or a partnership disagreement.

Arming yourself with expert advice early removes the risk of shooting holes through your own case. Even if you don’t tell the other party you’re getting legal advice, getting legal advice early preserves your options, putting you in the strongest position.

Get in early with a no-obligation call

We’re the right firm for you if you’re in a commercial dispute and you need a result — whether it’s a negotiated settlement or an outright fight.

Let’s find out in a phone call if we’re a good fit for your situation. You can tell us about your matter in confidence, and we’ll tell you how we’d approach it. The call is free, and we’ll also talk openly about what your costs might be if you go ahead. No obligations. No surprises.

If we’re right for you, great. And even if we’re not, you’ll have made the first move in taking charge of your dispute.

The earlier you reach out, the better the outcome.

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