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Common ways property disputes arise

Twomey Dispute Lawyers and its Gold Coast Lawyers have extensive experience in property law disputes and property litigation of all kinds, including residential real estate disputes, commercial real estate disputes, as well as leasing disputes, and disputes under the Retail Shop Leases Act
Property law and a dispute over property can be very complex and often involve disputes over large sums of money.
Property disputes often arise as a result of:
     (a) a seller or real estate agent making misrepresentations about characteristics of a property, including for example the value of a property, or the rent which it is expected will be generated by tenants of a commercial property or shopping centre. Where representations are made about the likely rent a property will generate, and the buyer of the property acts on those representations in deciding to purchase the property, the buyer may be able to bring an action against the seller and those involved in making the representations. 
           If the buyer is able to establish that they relied upon the misrepresentations in deciding to purchase the property, and that had the misrepresentations not been made to them they would not have purchased the property, the may be entitled to damages against the seller or those involved in making the representations. 
           The compensation which the seller might be entitled to could be measured by the difference between the price paid by the buyer for the property, and what it is actually worth, taking into account the true value of the property and knowing the representations made about the property are untrue; 
     (b) A buyer of a property failing to pay the deposit for a property by the date required in the contract. Depending on the terms of the contract, a purchaser of property may be in breach of the contract if they fail to pay the deposit on time, entitling the seller to terminate and take action against the buyer seeking to recover the amount of the unpaid deposit as a debt; and
     (c) An action by a purchaser against the seller of property which is has sustained significant terminate damage, and which has been fraudulently concealed by the sellers of the property. 
           This may also involve a possible claim against a real estate agent who  made representations about the property as well as any pest and building inspector who inspected the property prior to purchase, and who failed detect either the existence of termite damage or otherwise the existence of works which have been undertaken for the purposes of concealing the damage
Our property litigation lawyers on Gold Coast are expects in property disputes. If you have a property dispute or any type of property litigation, do not hesitate to contact us today. 

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