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Ashleigh Bullas

Ashleigh Bullas

Senior Associate


Ashleigh proves you don’t have to be aggressive to be a successful litigator.
Her success in litigation and dispute resolution comes from channelling her
energy into thinking harder about a client’s rights, opportunities and legal
avenues. This way, she proves time and again that the litigator who achieves
the best results is the one working with the best ideas, not the one bringing
more bluff to the table.

Ashleigh’s thoughtful approach extends to working closely with clients, so
they’re well-informed, reducing their stress and giving them the clarity and
space they need to make the right decisions.

Having worked in large and small law firms, Ashleigh knows what achieves
results in litigation — working with like-minded lawyers who are prepared
to do what it takes, and clients who participate actively.

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