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Building Disputes

Our expert lawyers on the Gold Coast have extensive experience in building and construction disputes, acting on behalf of both contractors, subcontractors, developers and land owners.

Building Dispute Lawyers on the Gold Coast

We act in building disputes involving residential, commercial and industrial construction projects of all shapes and sizes including in relation to:
     (a) building disputes arising between subcontractors and head contractors relating to claims made under the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (and previously the Building and Constructions Industry Payments Act 2004 (‘BCIPA’)), as well as preparation of payment claims, payment schedules, preparing and responding to adjudication applications including preparing submissions and material in support, as well as taking action in court to enforce an adjudication order to recover money owing to you;
     (b) disciplinary action commenced by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (‘QBCC’);
     (c) disputes arising in relation to interpretation of contractual terms and design plans, as well as advising on the best strategy to employ to ensure a successful outcome;
     (d) resisting and enforcing claims in relation to retention monies and liquidated damages;
     (e) addressing issues in relation to variations and the disputes which often arise where variations are either not recorded in writing, or partially recorded in writing however subsequent discussions of the parties have varied the understanding of what work is required by the variation;
     (f) assisting and dealing with issues of professional liability, claims of negligence and insurance claims;
     (g) acting for builders and subcontractors in relation to recovering debts which are owed to them;
     (h) acting in disputes in relation to defective building works; and
     (i) any other dispute regarding development or building and construction work.

Strategy is Key

Given the often high stakes nature of working in the building and construction industry, strategy is key when assessing how best to address a building construction dispute, to ensure you are giving yourself the best chance of a positive outcome.
The best advice in any building and construction dispute, is to seek assistance from a specialist lawyer so as to ensure that you do not do anything which might compromise your position, and make it more difficult to achieve a positive outcome.

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